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TLOxp for Educational Institutions

Vital information about people at your fingertips—when you need it most

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TLOxp from TransUnion delivers vital information for your campus staff—when you need it most.  

Campus security, emergency preparedness, debt collections, student and alumni contact lists—these are just a few of the areas in which TransUnion’s TLOxp® solution can help your educational institution use sophisticated data to achieve better results.

With over 100 billion records in our database, we put information at your fingertips—as you need it. TLOxp has the information you need, at a price that affordably fits into your institution’s budget.

Tangible Financial Benefits

  • Update alumni contact information
  • Collect debt from delinquent payers
  • Boost parking ticket collections
  • Conduct due diligence for certain regulatory obligations, including Subpart C of the Perkins regulation

Campus security and emergency management

  • Strengthen campus security and investigations, including helping to identify insider threats
  • Respond to natural disasters and threatening situations
  • Prepare for emergencies with comprehensive profiles of nearly your entire campus population

Did you know?

TLOxp is a vital tool in the fight against corporate fraud. It can help mitigate risk and perform critical due diligence for your organization.

Discover the truth about potential business partners and vendors before you enter relationships that could be devastating for your institution, its bottom line and the wellbeing of your staff.

TLOxp provides access to:
  • 350 million Social Security numbers

  • Over 10 billion vehicle registration records

  • 8 billion phone and address records

  • 90 million adult Millennials age 18–36*

  • 50 million people with so-called “thin files” who do not have traditional credit reports

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