Break a Case Wide Open with Vehicle Sightings

Blog Post07/06/2018

Sometimes all it takes to crack a case is a single vehicle sighting

What used to require countless hours of cumbersome legwork — and perhaps a little luck — now takes mere seconds, thanks to a breakthrough technology that provides quick access to the travel history and last-known locations of vehicles nationwide.

Partial data leads to the recovery of an abducted child

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: Their child is abducted. In this case, a mother who had lost custody snatched her child and disappeared.

Fortunately, the distraught father was able to provide license plate information to a private investigator. Within seconds, a search of TransUnion data reported the vehicle had been spotted three days before in an out-of-the-way hotel parking lot in Phoenix, Arizona.

A quick call to the hotel confirmed a woman matching the mother’s description was paying cash for a room. The father and the investigator flew to Arizona where the child and father were happily reunited.

Partial data helps find a runaway

A family came to a private investigator in a panic: Their daughter had disappeared with a man she met online. Although she was technically old enough to live on her own, she was learning disabled and the parents were fiercely concerned about her judgment and safety.

Unfortunately, all the parents had to go on was part of the man’s name. However, this seemingly useless bit of information actually allowed the investigator to dig up his full identity and a New Jersey license plate number. The car was spotted in a part of New Jersey the man had never been linked to before. The girl was quickly located and sent home safely with her parents.

The innovative technology that makes these cases possible

TransUnion has revolutionized the ability to find search subjects by fusing License Plate Recognition (LPR) data into the Vehicle Sightings component of its TLOxp® tool. The LPR data relies on a massive database of more than 2 billion vehicle sightings, with 50 million more added every month. All it takes is a single license plate number — or just a partial number — to uncover the most likely locations of search subjects, even if they’re actively avoiding contact.

Searchers can quickly uncover travel patterns on a user-friendly map that plots multiple sightings for the same vehicle with time, date and location stamps.

Each of the above are true stories shared by someone who used TransUnion’s TLOxp technology. Law enforcement, private investigation, legal, repossession, insurance and collections are just a few of the many industries finding solid leads faster and more effectively than imagined.

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